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About Bed Bug Extermination in Atlanta

About the Atlanta Bed Bug Exterminators

We started Atlanta Bed Bug Pros because we knew you weren’t getting what you needed… a local company specializing ONLY in bed bug extermination providing thermal heat and chemical treatment options at an affordable price. We offer the best bed bug extermination services in Atlanta.

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Bed Bugs in 6 Months

Residential Homes & Townhouses

Discrete and professional, Atlanta Bed Bug Pros will treat specific rooms or an entire home. Bed bugs are great hitchhikers and they do not discriminate. House to house or hotel to home, bed bugs have made a resurgence in Atlanta and throughout Georgia.

Once bed bugs are introduced to your home they will seek blood meal and multiply quickly. One pregnant female can grow to a population of 1,000 Bugs within 90 days and over 100,000 Bed Bugs in six months. Call the professionals at Atlanta Bed Bug Pros with questions and to schedule an appointment to get rid of your bed bug infestation the right way… the FIRST time.



Multi-Unit Apartment Buildings, Condos and Dorm Rooms

Tenant complaints due to bed bug infestation may create panic throughout an entire apartment building, condo association of college dormitory. Additionally, lost revenue due to immediate vacancies and/or a poor reputation may create long-term financial challenges. Thermal Heat eliminates your bed bug problem in ONE treatment. Considering the potential of lost revenue… treating your property with anything other than Thermal Heat may cost you thousands more than originally thought!



Hotels, Motels & Resorts

Discretely and efficiently, we will completely treat your room(s) in 4 to 5 hours. Elevating and maintaining room temperatures of 135 degrees for 3 hours will kill bed bugs at every stage (including eggs) as well as dust mites. ONE treatment… that’s it. No messy chemicals or pesticides applied to your mattresses, box springs and furniture pieces. Thermal Heat is the organic, eco-friendly solution to having your rooms ready for immediate rental after the treatment.


square feet

Medical Facilities & Daycares

Thermal Heat is ideal for nursing homes, hospitals and daycare facilities where chemical applications are not options. Atlanta Bed Bug Pros can treat individual areas up to 2,000+ square feet and section larger rooms for thorough treatments.

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